VR EQ Tutorial

Asia Pacific Disaster Resilience Centre

VR EQ Tutorial

The APDRC use Virtual Reality tools to train people and raise general public awareness on disaster risks and training through disaster simulations.

VR Earthquake Tutorial_English 

Storyline: While you were relaxing at home, there was a sudden earthquake and subsequent house fire caused by an earthquake.
What are the correct steps to survive a disaster? Learn from VR Earthquake!

1. VR software programme install

The video tells you what software programmes do you need and how to find and install them to properly run VR EQ scenario

2. How to set up

You will know how to set up VR laptop and gear by following the video step by step

3. Basic Control 

Watch video to know how to control for playing the VR contents

1. Select
2. Hold and Release
3. Move

4. Tips for fixing the frequent errors 

1. The screen is slow and stopping frequently
2. The content is not showing up
3. Hand Controller error
4. When the screen is moving back to the setting mode while playing
5. Headset connection error
6. The sound is coming out of the laptop speaker
7. Can't find the green dot(fire extinguisher scene)
8. For future inspection

Watch our Escape from the Cruise Ship video and have a small foretaste of the VR experience!