TOT Workshop Roadmap

to Community Resilience


TOT Workshop Road Map To Communite Resilience

2018 Global Workshop

(November 27-29, 2018 Seoul, Korea)

With the support of the Asia Pacific Disaster Resilience Centre of the Republic of Korea National Red Cross, the IFRC is organizing a global lessons-learned workshop on the roadmap to  in Seoul, Korea, on 27-29 November 2018 to scale up RCRC movement for community resilience and determine the way forward for the roll out of the roadmap.

2017 Global Workshop
March 15-17, 2017 Seoul, Korea

To support in operationalizing The Framework for Community Resilience (FCR), IFRC developed the Road Map to Community Resilience to provide step-by-step guide and organized ToT workshop to facilitate the roll out of the Roadmap.