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Digitalized Surviving on the Earth Released

Download the game file for free in less than a minute!

Following the board game version of Surviving on the Earth, APDRC, The Promise and LognCoding jointly developed a digitalized version of the game. 


The game aims to provide an understanding of climate change and coping mechanisms on natural disasters in an easy yet entertaining way. 


To play the game, please download the zip file attached down below in this post. Once you finish downloading and unzipping it, you will find a file named "Surviving on Earth!" with a black icon as shown below. Open the file and enjoy the game.


How to Play

1) Two to four players can play the game. Each player should pick a country (Korea, Maldives, USA, Indonesia) before the game starts. All players start with 6 points.

2) Players take turns rolling the dice. The game markers will move by the number that shows on the dice. 

3) If you land on blue, you need to answer a question from the mission card. You can earn (a) point(s) by answering the question correctly.

If you land on red, you may earn or lose (a) point(s) depending on what disaster card you get.

If you do not have any points left, you will skip a turn and borrow 3 points from the Green Climate Fund. The 3 points you borrowed will be deducted once the game is over.

4) The first player to reach the finish point receives 3 extra points. Once all the players get to the finish point or all the missions are accomplished, the game ends.

🔽 Find and download the game file below.

Surviving on the Earth 


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