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Asia Pacific Disaster Resilience Centre

Reference Centres

Red Cross reference centres promote collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and innovation across our global network along with humanitarian partners. In doing so, they help support strong and sustainable National Societies and improve the collective humanitarian impact and influence of our Movement. Some reference centres are set up in partnership with the IFRC (referred to as IFRC reference centres). In other cases, one or more National Society may come together to create a National Society reference centre or network.

Asia - Pacific
Korea Asia Pacific Disaster Resilience Centre (Regional)
Australia  Global Advisory Panel (Other & Network)
Australia  Global Migration Lab (Other & Network)
USA Global Disaster Preparedness Centre (Global)
El Salvador Reference Centre For Disaster Preparedness (Regional) 
Barbados  Red Cross Caribbean Disaster Risk Management Unit (Regional) 
Panama Interamerican Centre for Volunteering Development (Regional)


  Denmark The IFRC Reference Centre For Psychosocial Support  (Global) 
  Netherlands Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre (Global)
Spain Livelihoods Resource Centre (Global) 
Benelux Shelter Research Unit (Global) 
France Global First Aid Reference Centre (Global) 
UK Cash Hub (Other & Network)
Germany Anticipation Hub (Other & Network)
Swiss Global Road Safety Partnership (Other & Network)
 Belgium Transfusion Research Centre (Other & Network)

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