International Seminar on Disaster Resilience

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International Seminar on Disaster Resilience 

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The 4th International Forum on Disaster Resilience

The 4th International Forum on Disaster Resilience ended in a big success on October 12.

□ Theme: Humanitarian Work in the Era of Climate Crisis

□ Objectives

(1) To reduce the extent of climate crisis and risk factors and strengthen resilience of local communities, we not only need active participation and cooperation by governments, international organizations, civil societies and individuals but also humanitarian organizations. 

(2) Through the 4th International Forum on Disaster Resilience, we seek to share the urgency and risk of climate crisis and discuss required actions and collaborations to realize humanitarianism in the era of climate crisis.

□ Venue : Henri Dunant Hall, Seoul office of Korean Red Cross HQs (145 Jung-gu Sopa-ro, Seoul)

* Online zoom link was provided.

In the forum, experts from various institutions shared cases of innovation and cooperation in the field of humanitarian work. From preventing bush fire with rain harvest to recycling organic waste using insects, the speakers offered a revelatory insight into their work. Keynote speaker Professor Chun-ho Cho also alerted the audiences to the exacerbating climate hazards and their impact on socioeconomic inequality.

Additionally, panels discussed how governments, humanitarian organizations, civil societies, local communities and corporations should cooperate to strengthen resilience. Identifying lack of information sharing as the key challenge to cooperation, they raised the significance of communication and information sharing among entities working for the same cause.

APDRC will continue to provide a forum for meaningful conversations regarding resilience against climate crisis and cooperation across the Asia Pacific region.

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