International Forum on Disaster Resilience

Asia Pacific Disaster Resilience Centre

International Forum on Disaster Resilience 

To support National Societies and people in the community in the Asia Pacific region, APDRC prepares the global stage at least once a year to collectively review the past, confront the present and draw the better future all together with relevant stakeholders including local people, civil societies, red cross movement components, governments and academia

The 3rd International Forum on Disaster Resilience

(October 12, 2021 Seoul, Korea)

□ Theme: Climate Crisis and Disaster Resilience

□ Objectives
1) Highlight the growing humanitarian impacts of climate crisis, and discuss the importance of scaling up disaster risk reduction, climate change adaptation and green COVID-19 recovery

2) To proclaim the significance of cooperation and solidarity of humanitarian organizations to collectively work with governments and stakeholders to mobilize urgent and ambitious action to address the climate crisis, strengthen climate resilience and embrace the leadership of local actors and communities

3) To find collective ways to share the challenges and to tackle the issues across humanitarian organizations and beyond.

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COVID - 19 is alarming us that we have to work on building resilient and safer communities, so that people can cope with or live with “New Normal” and also we have to think of something new and innovative how to live beyond the individual level calling for community based platforms when it comes to disaster risk reductions and resilience.

In that perspective, it is the time for us to look at and review how COVID-19 has impacted and will influence on existing commitments and mechanism of DRR and Resilience and then based on the review, how we need to put ourselves better in place to reflect the “new normal” and what we need to align in implementing the DRR and Resilience plan at different levels. For instance, Sendai Framework 2015’ and Health Emergency and Disaster Risk Management Framework (Health-EDRM) can be considered as an important reference we can refer to.

                           Videos from the forum

Opening Speech from Prof. Park KyoungSeo,  (Former) President of Korean Rded Cross 

Welcoming Speech from Park Mujong, President of KOSHAM 

Welcoming Speech from Cho Daesik, Secretary General of KCOC 

Global Care, Mr. Baek EunSeong

Future of Africa Foundation, Representative Mr. Park Sangeun

Deagu city: Former Special Advisor to the Mayor, Mr. Jeong Haeyong 

Korean Red Cross: Head of Emergency Response, LEE Gwangjun

IFRC: Head of Bejing CCST, Gwendolyng Pang 

Sendai Framework: UNDRR, head of ONEA & GETI, Sanjaya Bhatia

WHO Health E-DRM: Prof. LEE Hoonsang

Korean National DM strategy: President of KOSHAM, Prof. ParkMoojong

(Panel Discussion) The way forward for Sustainable DRR and Community Resilience

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Photos from the forum

Contents of 1st International Disaster Resilience Forum(ENG, KOR)