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7 Nov 2023

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  Reponse for Climate Crisis  

By the year 2028, the impacts of climate change are projected to be profound: a 77-centimeter rise in sea levels, a reduction in fish harvests by 1.5 million tons, and significant habitat loss, with 6 percent of insect species and 8 percent of plant species losing half of their natural environments. These changes pose an existential threat to small island nations in the Pacific, which face the risk of becoming submerged. 

There is an urgent need for action to address the climate crisis.

  Support Climate Action with youth in climate crisis-affected areas of the Pacific!  

We invite you to join us in making a difference. Your contributions will empower the efforts of Climate Action, specifically aimed at supporting the youth in regions of the Pacific that are bearing the brunt of climate change.

Every donation we receive will be channeled to the Pacific Red Cross, bolstering their Climate Action program and ensuring that aid and resources are deployed to mitigate the challenges posed by this global emergency.

 In the Pacific Islands, there's a significant challenge with waste management: many residents don't segregate their refuse, and in Fiji's capital, it's estimated that half of all households resort to burning their waste. 

To combat this issue, we're calling on you to help put an end to the rampant littering and insufficient recycling practices. Support the Red Cross Youth Climate Action campaign by promoting education that aims to raise awareness and empower the youth. Encourage young individuals to understand their own risks associated with climate change and inspire them to develop innovative solutions.

๐Ÿ“ข Join Us for Climate Action ๐Ÿ“ข

- Account Number: Nonghyup Bank(๋†ํ˜‘) 301-0171-0424-51/ SWIFT CODE: NACFKRSEXXX 

- Account Name: Korean Red Cross

  Climate Change Literacy Quiz Challenge  

Join our "Climate Change Literacy Quiz" featuring 10 popular TikTok influencers! Dive into 10 critical questions and discover insightful answers. 

Mark your calendars: Starting from early December, these climate change quizzes will go live on the TikTok accounts of our selected influencers. 

Plus, there's an exciting incentive to participate—TikTok Korea will be rewarding eco-conscious participants with eco-bags, sustainable T-shirts, and eco-friendly notebooks!

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  RE3 Tumbler Challenge  

  RESPONSE: Your Daily Commitment to Planetary Emergency Action  

Get ready to elevate your eco-consciousness with our month-long challenge on Tumbler! It's time to mold your daily routines into a force for positive environmental impact. 

First, we invite you to document and share your journey toward sustainability every week. Use the hashtags #RE3, #Response, #Relief, #Resilience, #ClimateResponse, #ClimateAction, #APDRC, and #Korean_Red_Cross when you post on social media. 

Second, please pledge to use a reusable tumbler for one month. Commit to eco-friendly habits by pledging to use a reusable tumbler for the next month! Leave a comment with your name and a statement of commitment to our one-month tumbler challenge. 

Your actions, both big and small, can inspire a wave of change. Join us in building resilience and responding to the planet's urgent call for care. Let's make every day a step towards a more sustainable future.

Let's join the Tumbler Challenge

  Climate and Green Resilience Ambassador, Artist Seung-gi Lee  

In terms of social activities, he has been devoting himself to the Red Cross Youth (RCY) since high school and conveyed a heartwarming message during the 60th anniversary of RCY. Notably, he contributed to society by donating a total of KRW 760 million to support the wildfire recovery effort for the East Coast in 2022 and for Gangneung in 2023.

  International Disaster Resilience Seminar Special Dialogue  


International Disaster Resilience Seminar Special Dialogue

We want to raise awareness of climate change by encouraging individuals to start taking action now to prevent climate change in their daily lives, just as we do with our immediate response and support for emergency relief.

We hope to bring about sustainable change at the level of individual behavior.  

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