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🌍 What is RCRC Urban Collaboration Platform? 

 * Please download the below final reports for the each UCP workshop/Conference.    

The Urban Collaboration Platform (UCP) is an informal network that aims to help Red Cross/Crescent (RCRC) National Societies to be better informed, better connected and better engaged in understanding and working in urban context. The platform has been led by the IFRC Secretariat and American Red Cross (ARC) since early 2016, with strong support from several National Societies (NSs), the RCRC Climate Center and Global Disaster Preparedness Center (GDPC).  This year’s UCP Conference aims to bring together National Societies to exchange learning and share good practices on urban resilience programming in local climate actions, heatwave preparedness, urban emergency preparedness and response, health and WASH, shelter and settlements, fragile, conflict and violence (FCV)  in urban areas, and urban collaboration.  This year, the Asia Pacific Disaster Resilience Center (APDRC) and the Korean Red Cross are hosting the conference in the City of Seoul - a vibrant, dynamic city that embodies an infusion of economic growth, sustainable development, nature conservation, and cultural heritage preservation.