VR on Pandemic

5 Jan 2023
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VR on Pandemic


Nowadays, we are surrounded by numerous disasters such as COVID-19, heatwave, flood and wildfire. Disasters have evolved due to climte change and rapid urbanization, and their scale and frequency have become unpredictable and expansive. Therefore, it is important to understand what disaster is and how we can cope with the impacts of disasters.

"VR on Pandemic" aims to inform players how to prevent, prepare for, and respond to pandemics through gameplay and quizzes. At the same time, it suggests how climate and pandemic are related.

This game was developed by APDRC in collaboration with Hansung University.

How to play

◾ Hit viruses by shooting the vaccine gun with the syringe. If you are exposed to the virus, you will be infected. You can survive up to 3 times even after contacting viruses. However, after 3 times, you will fail your mission. As the level goes up, the types and speed of viruses will change.

◾ If you hit 10 viruses in a row, 1 mask will be provided as a reward. When you wear the mask, you will be protected from viruses for 10 seconds.

◾ While playing the game, you will take two sets of quizzes. If you answer all the questions correctly for each set, you will obtain a disinfectant spray. The spray allows you to shoot the viruses with both hands.

How has it been presented so far?

Since its release, VR on Pandemic has been presented in various conferences, forums and other events. People from around the world had a chance to experience our VR contents.

▸ The 2022 Asia-Pacific Ministerial Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction

▸ International Disaster Resilience Leaders Forum Incheon 2022

▸ The 4th International Forum on Disaster Resilience

▸ UCLG Daejeon Congress 2022

▸ Korean Red Cross Foundation Day

▸ Regional Training on Road Map to Community Resilience via Enhanced Vulnerability and Capacity Assessement (R2R via EVCA)

🙌 Stay tuned for our upcoming VR contents as well!

※  Also, please contact us via our official email (apdrc@apdisasterresilience.org) regarding game distribution.

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