Updates and news Heat Action Day: Protect Our Health from Heatwave

31 May 2024
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June 2nd is designated as 'Heat Action Day' by the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC). This day is important for raising awareness and preparing for extreme heat waves worldwide.

The IFRC has created a 'Heat Toolkit' which provides guidelines for urban heatwaves and manuals for local cooling centers. They also host global campaigns such as the #BeatTheHeat campaign.

Participating in this global campaign, the Asia Pacific Disaster Resilience Centre (APDRC) will operate a heatwave prevention campaign VR booth on June 1st at Daegu Samsung Creative Campus, in collaboration with the Korean Red Cross Daegu branch and the ICLEI Korea office. This booth will use VR technology to allow participants to experience heatwaves firsthand and learn various heatwave coping strategies through quizzes.

GDPC site link to see Heat ToolKit - PrepareCenter

Korean Red Cross - Korean Red Cross

ICLEI Korea - ICLEI Korea

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